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Dr. Christopher Knight  will be discontinuing practice in San Antonio. All patients are advised to seek out another local dentist for your dental needs. All emergencies will be seen thru last week Jul 2017. All Patients with in-progress work will be completed by Aug 1, 2017.
Dr Knight will be personally responsible for dental records for 5 well as digital x-rays.
All patients wanting to aquire copies of their records must do so in writing, signature and soc sec # to verify identity. There is a prepaid fee of $15.00 ...for each patient record..with the request. Mail has been forwarded....send written and signed request...with payment to Christopher Knight, 194 Sears Creek Rd , Harpster, Idaho 83552. We have up to 30 days to get them to you...but usually is fater than that. Questions may be submitted to This website will be maintained until Aug 21, 2022. This address will be updated after Dr. Knight leaves San Antonio
Before                                                                         After
before                                                                          After
   Certified PerioProtect Provider. Powerful tool to 
   help ERADICATE Periodontal/Gum Disease!
                    THE SOLUTION to being able to afford 
                    Dental Implants and any other needed 
                    dental care....WITHOUT CREDIT 
YOU could have Implants and tooth placed in 1 appointment!!!


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