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Corporate Owned Dental Care Facilities have recently materialized/started business within the area. Corp owned facilities tend to be managed/run by individuals whose only goal is to maximize their bottom line..(financial profit). They usually advertise gimmicks that are rarely honored and have issues with retaining quality staff dentists. In other words...the Dentist has limited control of management, office, and financial policies. And worse, the staff dentist usually has limited control of quality equipment/supply/Dental lab selection.

This lack of control often introduces compromised the quality of dental care.

Dr. Knight is the sole, 100% owner and founder of Mission Family Dental, P.A. He has total control of all management, office, AND Financial policies....as well as all clinical aspects of Dental Care. Quality combined with Control is paramount to Exceptional Dental care!

The practice of Dr. Christopher Knight is committed to ensuring patients are provided with the best service and highest quality treatments for their oral health and wellness. To achieve this, we take pride in dedicating ourselves to the following values in our practice:
Delivering Results
When it comes down to it, we are focused on helping patients achieve results. Dr. Christopher Knight and his team understand how the smile affects our self-confidence and our overall health and wellness. We take pride in delivering the best quality of dentistry in the area of San Antonio, Texas. We have years of combined experience and education to provide the highest level of care for each patient who visits our practice. This training is combined with our precision focus and extensive attention to detail which enables us to provide the best possible services for new and existing patients in our practice.
Commitment to Service
We understand that patients of all ages may be uncomfortable when visiting the dental chair. It is our goal to introduce them to an atmosphere of care and comfort for their procedures. We have a warm, inviting, and relaxed environment at our office located in San Antonio, Texas, with our friendly staff dedicated to ensuring patients feel at ease during their time with us.
Patient Education
When patients feel comfortable, that is when we are able to do our job effectively. Building trust and a positive relationship with our parents is job number one. We keep an open dialogue with patients to keep them informed on what procedures we recommend and why. We want our patients to make educated decisions regarding their oral health and wellness. Dr. Christopher Knight wants to create a dental treatment plan that is perfect for each patient’s unique situations.
Staying Current
The team at our San Antonio area practice stays abreast of new and exciting changes happening in the dental industry all the time. New procedures and technology are evolving each and every day, and it is important to work with a dental team that stays up-to-date. We participate regularly in reading industry literature and attending conferences and lectures about procedures we provide or are interesting in providing for our patients. We also equip our practice with the latest dental technology for the most modern modalities in treatment.